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Racine Community Health Center Offers Free Expert Consultations during the Pandemic Unwinding

If you have Wisconsin Medicaid (BadgerCare), please monitor your mail closely for re-enrollment information.

During the pandemic, several federal and state programs were put into place or temporarily expanded to help many Americans get the help they need. On January 31, 2023, it was announced that the Covid-19 Pandemic Emergency would officially end on May 11, 2023. As a result, many of these temporary programs are being phased out, and it is up to state agencies to help conclude these temporary policies. Unwinding is the term used by the federal government to describe these replacement steps.

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Wisconsin’s Unwinding goals include:

  • Implementing a successful return to routine operations for our programs

  • Keeping Wisconsinites covered, whether through a state program, insurance from an employer, or a plan from HealthCare.gov.

What Wisconsin Residents Need To Do:

  • Update address and contact information: It is important that the WI Department of Health Services (DHS) has the correct information, so Medicaid recipients receive important updates and renewal date information. Update information on the MyAccess app or on access.wi.gov.

  • Know your renewal date: Recipients will be notified of their renewal dates through mail, text, or email. These dates can also be found in the ACCESS online portal or the MyAccess Wisconsin app. Reapplication or renewal deadline dates will be between June 2023 and May 2024 and will differ among recipients. It is important to pay close attention to the year of renewal on the notice.

  • Wait to renew until your renewal window: The renewal window starts 45 days before the renewal deadline date. It is important not to renew before the start of the specific window so coverage lasts as long as possible.

  • Download the MyAccess app and turn on notifications: The MyAccess app is an essential tool to keep recipients informed. The app can also be used to update personal information and upload verification documents during the renewal period.

  • Communication from DHS: Texts will come from 94347 (WI DHS) and the email sender will be [email protected]. These messages will include important updates about your benefits, reminders about renewal dates, and other time-sensitive information. DHS will never ask for personal information, or financial information, or offer prize money for responding.

  • Beware of scams: Members have reported receiving text messages threatening the risk of cancellation or that their health insurance has been lost and there is a reinstatement fee. DHS does not send text messages with this type of language and does not charge a recertification fee. Report potential scams to the WI Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection at 800-422-7128.

The re-enrollment process will occur on a rolling basis over the next 14 months. Be ready to act by the date on your letter.

Looking For Local Experts?

Racine Community Health Center has you covered. We know this can all be very confusing and we are here to help. We have specialists on staff to handle your healthcare and healthcare coverage questions and concerns. To contact one of our experts call 262-800-7242.

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